Notice to Mining Companies in the Pilbara Area  0908 2013

Re : Nyiyaparli Pty. Ltd., Nyiyaparli Language Group, Nyiyaparli Claimants and Applicants

Any Mining company that requires the urgent signature on Land Use Agreements, or other Corporate documents, by Gordon Yuline (Elder, Applicant) and David Stock (Elder, Applicant) only need to contact Kirk Roberts @ MIDC Australia Pty. Ltd., following which the signing of the required documents will be expedited.

Phone – 0406 657 727

Email – Kirk@midcaustralia.com.au

The only condition is that you allow the Elders independent legal counsel in the reading and understanding of your documents, which is their inalienable right under Australian Law, but constantly denied to them by YMAC, their solicitors, and associated organizations.

Additionally, please be aware that both Gordon Yuline and David Stock are in the process of completing the registration for their own independent claim under the Native Title Act, due to the continued intransience of YMAC, their solicitors, and associated organizations.

Update information can be found on


Kirk Roberts

CEO MIDC Australia Pty. Ltd.


Gordon Yuline (Elder, Applicant)

David Stock (Elder, Applicant)

And Nyiyaparli Pty. Ltd., Nyiyaparli Language Group, Claimants and Applicants

Newman Seasons Hotel Nyiyaparli YMAC Meeting…6/8/2013

Gordon Yuline and 56 Nyiyaparli and Narrier supporters attended an orchestrated YMAC meeting.

His driver also supported Gordon and his Sydney based Management Company MIDC.

Gordon queried and asked the YMAC Lawyer why his legal and management team could not inspect and advise him of several agreements and amendments required to be signed by land-use agreement companies through YMAC.

Gordon refused to sign until being fully aware of what he was to sign.

Several non-customary Nyiyaparli claimants loyal to YMAC became irate with Gordon’s strength not to sign, YMAC employees and Lawyers pressed Gordon that, without him signing no monies would be released to the community. Victor Parker” non-Nyiyaparli applicant” made vocal to vote Gordon out as primary customary applicant elder.

The majority of Nyiyaparli member claimants were not allowed in the voting room especially Gordon and his supporters.

The voting session without quorum and most certainly without any customary alliance with Nyiyaparli Law was voted upon behind close doors to dismiss Gordon.

YMAC Lawyer Kate Holloman came out from the voting room and made comment to Gordon that she was not sacking him but advising Gordon the outcome was relieving him from the stress.

Gordon has been very concerned of the manipulation of his royalties’ monies from land-use agreements for many years and constant delay in his Nyiyaparli Native Title determination by YMAC as representation.

Gordon and Susie Yuline, Elder and Gordon’s sister, made full declaration and announced to all including YMAC lawyers and staff that the Yuline family will make Claim and register Native Title held in their blood lines for thousands of years.

Nyiyaparli Elders patiently awaiting

Nyiyaparli Elders are looking forward patiently to challenging the unlawful dismissal of their principle Lawman elder Gordon Yuline from his Native Title Applicant participation in the Federal Court.  The demise was unlawfully orchestrated by PNTS, YMAC lawyer Kate Holloman, the lawyer who used non-Nyiyaparli applicants to vote against Gordon Yuline in a hidden voting session with absolutely no legal cultural quorum, to control the assets of Nyiyaparli people.

The Elders managing company, MIDC, witnessed the extraordinary change of events at the Seasons Motel Newman on the 6th/8/13.

Gordon Yuline constantly asked YMAC and pleaded for the whereabouts of his royalty payments and why the payments were diverted from his Elders Trust without his and other Elders consent.

Gordon also constantly asked for his inalienable right to independent legal representation in the matter of signing Land Use documents from Mining Companies, and been denied.

The YMAC lawyer responded with reasons of another trust orchestrated by YMAC and that non-Nyiyaparli people were her preference to work with, and also that her preferred Myers Trust were now the distributors of Elders royalties.

Gordon Yuline is one of the last blue blood Aboriginals in Australia and is focused on remaining within his ancient culture and traditions, and passing these traditions onto the younger generation.

Gordon is both loved and abused by his people as the culprits exited the ‘hidden voting session’ with “crocodile tears” crying on his and the other elders shoulders.

The lawyer announced that “she was not sacking Gordon, just relieving him of the stress of signing documents”.

The MIDC manager announced that he witnessed the most ‘despicable’ conduct you could ever imagine in what is one of the last traditional Aboriginal cultures left in the world.

It seems that thanks to these duplicitous actions, the Nyiyaparli culture could soon be dead at the hands of the very people supposedly responsible for their continuance.

YMAC in a secret ballot dismisses Gordon Yuline, (lawman, elder) and replaces him with substitute currently under investigation for fraud and theft of $420,000.

The Elders and members of the Nyiyaparli Language Group accuse YMAC of falsifying the minutes of a meeting, and attempting to replace the senior Elder and Applicant Gordon Yuline with a ring-in